​​Flying Needles Quilt Guild, Inc.

The December Block is something we do for fun every year. A member volunteers to be in charge of picking out a block and getting others to sign up. She will tell you how many blocks to make-the first ½ are due in June and the second ½ are due in November. She then takes all the blocks and distributes them among the members that signed up. In December when she gives your set of blocks, she will give you final instructions, if desired, for putting your quilt together. Click the button below to get your December Block pattern. The picture to the right is an example of the December block for 2017.  If interested, you are asked to make 10 blocks and use a black background and bright colors. A set of blocks is 10 houses, but you will need a total of 30 house blocks for a quilt sized 70 X 80.  If you have any questions, contact Janet Kinner.