​​Flying Needles Quilt Guild, Inc.


The Strip Club is an extension of the Fabric Exchange. Instead of squares, you bring 2 ½ strips. You can collect a lot of fabric this way and with all the books for strip piecing; you can make some very pretty projects. Bring your strips and lets see who will win the jackpot!! Below are the rules for playing

 Strip Club Guide Lines

*You may bring no less than 3 strips and no more than 6 strips.
*Strips are to be 2 1/2" wide by width of fabric. 
*Strips from fat quarters are not allowed. 
*Put your name on the selvage of each strip you are  putting in the bag
*One strip will be pulled out and the winner will receive all the strips in the bag.
*The winner will decide the color, theme, or fabric type for the following month. Examples would be solids, purples, stripes, dots, small florals, batiks, masculine, 30's prints etc. I would not suggest large prints but that is up to the winner.
*If you do not wish to participate any month just don't bring  any strips.  *You do not have to be present to win.  Simply send your strips with someone else to place in the bag for you.


The winner for February was Renda Weidler and the color for March will be purple.