​Flying Needles Quilt Guild, Inc.

      We are so glad you decided to come find us! The Flying Needles Quilt Guild of Niceville, FL is home to novice quilters that can barely put two scraps of fabric together to advanced quilters that design their own quilts, from those that sew only by hand to those that will only use the most advanced sewing machinery on the market, and the even the person that has never touched a sewing machine or bobbin of thread who is willing to learn.  Everyone is welcome at our guild!

Flying Needles Quilt Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization with several opportunities available for our members to "give back" to our local community. Please see our Membership page for more information.

 But, the most important thing you will receive from this group is a friendship that will last a lifetime. So, with all said, enjoy our website and if you are in the neighborhood stop by and visit. Who knows you might like us and want to join the Flying Needles!

Welcome to the Flying Needles Quilt Guild of Niceville, FL!

President:                Kerry Kastl

1st V.President:       Emily Jacobs &  Bobbie Willoughby

2nd V. President:    Deanne Vaughn

Secretary:               Gail Menard

Treasurer:               Ruthie Reynoso

Webmaster:            Sarah Schneider

For all Chairs, please see our Contact page.

Board members


The purpose of this organization is to preserve and continue the traditions, culture, and history of quilting. We are dedicated to serve the general public by donations to other community service organizations. We strive to be a source of information and inspiration in quilting and related arts through the education of its members and the public in general by means of exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. The members of our guild encourage the heritage of quilt making and quilt collecting. We are a gathering for people who love and share the interest of quilting.


           New Hope Baptist Church

           108 Aurora St

           Valparaiso, FL 32580


2nd Thursday -Social & Business

         Time: 9:30am --12:00 

4th Thursday--Workshops

         Time: 9:30--2:00pm

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